Variation of monthly exploitable wave energy in the Gulf of Chabahar under a high-resolution CMIP6

Document Type : Original Research Article


Faculty of Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Electric energy consumption is growing almost all over the world. Similarly, using clean resources in coastal such as wave power is also growing. The coasts of Oman Gulf in southeast of Iran is one of the most potential areas for deriving energy from waves. The sea waves are mostly generated by wind and the climate change affect the wind field. Hence evaluating climate change effects on the wave power is essential for energy extraction. In this research, the variation of monthly average in Chabahar bay wave power under the middle scenario of future climate effect has been studied. For this, the CNRM-CM6-SSP2-45 dataset has been downscaled with the Weibull technique, and with a calibrated wave model, wave characteristic has been calculated. Based on the results, the average annual wave power will reach 10.4 kW/m by an increase of 3%. Total wave energy in Chabahar is about 91,000 kWh/m during the year. which will also increase by 3% compared to the same period previous century. In the July and August, the first high energetic months, the wave power increase by 1% on average compared to the previous period. The highest monthly increase occurs in October and with a 277% increase, it reaches 5535 kW/m. The highest monthly decrease of 25% occurs in June and the energy reaches from 13041 to 9513 kW/m.


This is an open access article under the CC BY license

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