Renewable Energy Production by Microalgae; A review

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of marine science, Chabahar maritime university


Biofuels are the up and coming alternative to exhaustible, inenvironmentally and unsafe fossil fuels. Microalgae as a source of biofuels have been widely studied for biodiesel/biogas/biohydrogen/biochar/bioelectricity production and has been gathering much contemplation right away. Increasing in energy demand and in greenhouse gas emission makes it important to develop alternative energy carriers that are renewable, clean and environmentally friendly. The use of arable land for biofuels in some cases has been associated with food insecurities and increased greenhouse gases caused by indirect land use change effects. Microalgae can grow on land not suitable for agriculture and would alleviate these concerns. The high lipid and mineral contents of microalgae render it beneficial for the production of biofuels and value-added products. On the other hand, result in to the reducing pollution and protecting the environment, because as a result of generating electricity in fuel cells or mechanical force in blast engines, the only output is water vapor. This review focuses on the current scenario and future prospects of microalgae aimed at biofuel production and the technologies available for converting the biomass produced into biofuel are analyzed. The goal of this work was to give a comprehensive review on biofuel production from microalgae biomass.