A 3D Numerical Study of Cyclone Gonu Waves Impact on Ramin Port


Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science


In this paper the TELEMAC-3D model has been hired to simulate and study the high waves’ interaction with coastal structures. Therefore a special arrangement of TELEMAC-3D has been prepared in this study to simulate wave generation, coastal processes, wave set-up and overtopping over coastal structures. Experimental data has been used to verify this arrangement of the model. Thereafter, the model has used to simulate the interaction of waves induced by Cyclone Gonu and Ramin port breakwaters. Quality comparison between images provided by Iran Fisheries Organization during the Gonu event and the TELEMAC3D results concludes that the numerical model could simulate the incidence with a good accuracy. Different kind of results like inundation area, wave overtopping discharge over the breakwaters and wave penetration in port were obtained in this simulation.  


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